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I want to share just a few affirmations.

I like and enjoy taking listings.

I overcome rejections easily and turn challenges into opportunities.

I consciously relax and let go of stress and Successfully Solve problems with solutions.

When My Prospects tell me I will get back to you , I end up closing the sale because I answer their objections and enquiries excellently.

I always ask for the order.

I make excellent presentations.

I am comfortable with all people no matter what their status in life.

I sell people the way they want to be sold.

I always create a wonderful first impression.

I help my customers get their Allocation of their desired property.

I am a solution provider ,a problem solver and a blessing to all my Customers.

I specialize in getting autographs from customers.

I know and understand how to attract buyers online and offline.

I love dealing effectively with strangers.

I am a truly effective negotiator.

I listen carefully.

I pay close attention to people’s wants and needs.

I am strategic in all presentations.

I have a perfect sense of timing and I use it in all I do.

I follow up and follow through effectively.

I am detail oriented with all of my paperwork.

I finish what I start wisely, successfully and appropriately.

I am filled with drive and determination to do an excellent job.

I always get the job done well.

I am building a huge dedicated clientele.

I have a tremendous power of persuasion.

I can persuade anyone that I choose.

I am gregarious with all people.

I love to talk.

I talk openly, easily and naturally with all people.

I attract paying Customers who buy and patronize me for their houses , Apartments and landed products and Services as a Realtor.

Hope you found this useful.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

©Dr Laide Okubena

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